She Made A Real Dent In Her Relationship With Her Mother-In-Law After Discovering That She’s Been Excluded From A Family Girls Trip

She told her mother-in-law that was unreasonable because she could still do other things on the trip if she couldn’t attend the planned events. Then, her mother-in-law told her she would not pay for her flight and hotel room if all she would do was stand up the group for all the events on the trip. 

“Things got heated really quickly, and she ended up telling me that she swore to herself never to pay for another of my trips after ruining her anniversary trip like I did, just because I’m selfish and can’t bother to do things other people want to do,” she recalled.

They fought for a while longer before she decided to hang up. Then, she texted her sisters-in-law and told them she was disgusted with how they left her out of the trip because of a “petty grudge” her mother-in-law was holding against her. 

They told her to grow up and that her mother-in-law wasn’t the only person who didn’t want her on the trip. At first, her husband was totally supportive of her, and on her side, but after getting a stern talking to from his mom, he’s decided to bow out of the conflict. 

“So now I’m starting to wonder if calling her out like this was too far and that I should have been the bigger person,” she said. 

Do you think her mother-in-law should’ve invited her on vacation?

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