She Recently Upset Her Future Stepmom After Calling Her Ridiculous For Wanting To Wear A Modest Wedding Dress

It was full length, with sleeves, and covered her all the way up to her collarbones. The shawl was used as a head covering.”

This surprised her, considering Erin doesn’t cover up like that in her everyday life. She said Erin looked like an old-fashioned doll. Erin tried on a few more dresses, and they were all just as modest.

Then, she asked Erin why she was trying on such “ridiculous” dresses and offered to find her something that wouldn’t cover her up so much. 

As it turns out, Erin wanted to be modest on her wedding day in honor of her mother. When Erin’s parents got married, Erin’s mother wanted to wear something modest but ended up feeling ‘forced’ not to, and went on to say it was the biggest regret of her life. 

When Erin’s mom died, she decided to become more religious. Although she doesn’t dress modestly every day, she wanted to do it on her wedding day to pay homage to her mom.

“Erin didn’t say anything else to me about the dresses during the appointment,” she added.

“That evening, I got a text from my dad stating that he was disappointed that I had called Erin’s modest dress-wearing ridiculous.”

Her dad also said he was very disappointed in her and that Erin’s decisions and beliefs were not up for discussion. He expects her to apologize to Erin.

How can she make things right with Erin and her dad?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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