She Redecorated Her Late Son’s Room, And After Her Ex-Husband Found Out, He Became Furious With Her

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It’s hard to imagine the pain someone must feel when they lose a child. It has to be one of the hardest losses to grieve and one of the most difficult things to cope with. 

A woman and her ex-husband lost their son at a young age years ago. Now she’s remarried and ready to start having children again, but her ex doesn’t want her to rearrange their late son’s nursery. 

She’s 35, and her ex-husband, Rob, is 37. While they were married six years ago, they lost their one-year-old son Adam in what she described as an unpreventable “tragic accident.”

Adam’s passing was extremely traumatic, especially for Rob, who was napping when the incident happened. He hasn’t been able to work through his guilt and has struggled to move on ever since. He’s been in therapy, but it hasn’t really been able to help him. 

Four years ago, she and Rob decided to split after he admitted to not wanting any more children.

“I stayed in the home we shared since it was mine before we married,” she explained. “But I promised my ex he could continue to come over and spend time in our son’s room because he felt close to Adam when he was in the room.”

When her new husband, Sam, moved in two years ago, Rob started visiting their house less. 

Now, she has an eight-year-old stepson and is pregnant with her first baby since Adam. She recently discovered that she would have to use Adam’s nursery as a room for her new baby, so she plans to redecorate it. 

“I delayed our plans to decorate since I wanted my ex to be aware of the plan,” she said.

brizmaker – – illustrative purposes only

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