She Refused To Go On A Family Vacation When She Found Out Her Mom Is Bringing Her New Boyfriend

Yevhenii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

After losing a parent, it can be tough to see your widowed parent dating someone else. It takes everyone different amounts of time to grieve and move on, and all families are different. 

One woman is having a hard time grieving the loss of her father and recently refused to go on an upcoming family vacation once she found out her mom was bringing her new boyfriend. 

She tragically lost her father due to cancer one year ago. He was only 62-years-old and had been married to her mom for 31 years. 

Unfortunately, her parents struggled in their relationship during his final years and were on the verge of divorcing.

But when he was diagnosed, and his condition worsened, they decided to stay together and work through their issues. 

“I miss him every day,” she said. “Me and my mom had always been pretty close, but since my dad died, I feel like I’m seeing and talking to her less and less these days, and it makes me sad.”

About four months after her dad passed away, her mom started dating a new man. She thought it was way too soon for her mom to be dating again and never wanted to talk about her new boyfriend. 

She understands that everyone grieves differently and that dating after losing a spouse is challenging, but aside from thinking her mom started dating too early, she simply doesn’t like her new boyfriend.

Every time her mom brings him around, their conversations are super awkward, and no one really enjoys having him there.

Yevhenii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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