She Refused To Go On A Family Vacation When She Found Out Her Mom Is Bringing Her New Boyfriend

Her mom started bringing him to family gatherings, and there’s always an “awkward vibe” whenever he shows up.

Then, on Easter, he showed up unexpectedly, and the atmosphere became very uncomfortable when her uncle said a prayer for her late dad. Her family has been booking a summer vacation for months and reserved a condo to stay in a while back.

During Easter, her mom surprised everyone and revealed that she would bring her boyfriend on vacation with them to certain people at the gathering. She heard the news from her cousin, not her mom directly. She knows for sure that she does not want her mom’s boyfriend there.

He’d be staying in the same condo as them, and she fears that everyone would have to tip-toe around certain conversations instead of relaxing and being able to enjoy themselves.

“I immediately called and told her my feelings about him going, and she completely changed the subject and did not acknowledge what I told her at all,” she recalled.

“Of the 20 family members that will be on this trip, not one person really wants him to be there, except her.”

Now, she’s considering not joining the family vacation at all.

What would you do if you were in her position?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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