She Started The Snack And Glow Trend, And It’s All About Taking The Opportunity To Treat Yourself In A Healthy And Balanced Way

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Snacking has always been a controversial subject in the health and fitness world. Some people say snacking throughout is bad for you, while others say it’s beneficial.

There are so many different kinds of snack foods out there that range in nutritional value. And hey, when you’re hungry, you should eat, right?

If you’re looking for how to snack in a healthy and balanced way where you can still take the opportunity to treat yourself, the Snack and Glow trend might be exactly what you need.

Health and lifestyle content creator Becca (@glowupwith_becca) introduced her Snack and Glow method to TikTok last year, and users cannot get enough of it.

The Snack and Glow plate allows you to enjoy an indulgent treat you really want while balancing it out with other nutritional foods so you feel more satisfied throughout the day and avoid binging on something that won’t make you feel well afterward. 

The Snack and Glow plate has three elements – a protein source, something fresh, and a treat!

“The Snack and Glow method is a really good way to be able to have the snacks that you want whilst keeping yourself nice and full up with the protein, and then getting all the nutrients that make you feel good from the fresh,” says Becca in one of her videos as she assembles one of her Snack and Glow plates. 

Becca often records a TikTok video of herself making the plates so users can draw inspiration from what she puts together.

Becca often uses a protein yogurt cup as her source of protein, a small side of fruit or cut vegetables for her fresh element, and whatever snack she’s been looking forward to eating that day, like a side of chips or a bit of candy for her treat. 

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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