She Stopped Showing Her Husband Ultrasound Photos Of Their Baby After Her Husband Said Their Baby Looked Ugly

However, once Bill got a good look at them, he blurted out, “Wow, he’s ugly.”

“Immediately, I get mad, lock my phone, and refuse to show him any other photos,” she recalled. 

She told Bill that she wouldn’t show him any more ultrasound photos if all he would do was make fun of their baby’s appearance. He tried to tell her she had done the same thing by calling the baby names in the past.

However, she’s only ever called the baby the occasional silly nickname whenever he kicks her really hard.

“I told him it was completely different, and he claims it’s not, and [that] he should be allowed to call the baby ugly,” she added. 

Finally, what really ticked her off was when Bill said, “Hopefully, that’s not how he’ll look when he comes out.”

Now, she’s still furious at Bill and is worried about what he’ll say to their son about his appearance once he’s born. 

What would you do if your partner called your unborn baby ugly?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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