She Waited 9 Months To Reveal The Gender Of Her Baby To Her Children, But Then A Nurse Ruined The Surprise

auremar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There are a lot of disastrous gender reveal stories out there involving parties that took a tragic turn after an attempt to make them over-the-top and social media-worthy.

Fortunately, this one isn’t a dangerous or life-threatening incident gone wrong. No one dies, but it does have a disappointing ending.

A TikToker who goes by the handle @notyetthesmiths1 waited nine months to tell her kids the gender of their new sibling, only to have the surprise ruined by a nurse.

The video posted to TikTok has gained nearly five million views. At the beginning of the video, the mom had her camera focused on her newborn daughter, wearing a pink knit hat.

She was waiting for her other kids to arrive at the hospital and possibly hoped to capture their reactions once she revealed the baby’s gender.

Then, a nurse’s voice could be heard in the background, saying, “Someone’s on their way to see a baby girl!”

Immediately, the mother let the camera fall onto the bed, annoyed that her plans were spoiled. When her kids arrived, she asked her eldest daughter what she thought the baby’s gender was.

“A girl, because the nurse just said it is,” said her daughter. The mom tried to save the moment by informing her kids that there were two babies in the room, hoping they would think the nurse had gotten it mixed up.

The video ended with her kids debating amongst themselves whether the newborn was a boy or a girl.

auremar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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