She Was Home Alone With Her Dog One Night When A Man Knocked On Her Door And Claimed To Have Pizza, But She Never Ordered Any, And He Wasn’t Carrying Anything With Him

Nejron Photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Most of us know that if a stranger knocks on your door and tells you they’ve got the pizza you ordered but didn’t order one, you don’t answer the door. It’s an old trick, and if it ever happens to you, it can be terrifying. 

One woman was home alone with her dog when a man knocked on her door, claiming to have a pizza for her, and it sounds like an awful experience. 

She was watching TV at home one night and was alone with her dog. Around 11:00 pm, she heard a car pull up outside her house.

When she looked out her window, she noticed that the car had been parked across the street in front of her house and a man was sitting inside it. She figured it was one of her neighbors, so she didn’t think much of it and returned to watching TV.

A while later, she heard a strange, light tapping noise coming from her front door. She paused the TV, and the noise alerted her dog as well. Then, the sound started coming from her living room window. 

“I opened the blinds a little and saw a man standing there,” she recalled.

“I couldn’t make out his face properly, and he immediately walked back to the door and started tapping at it again. This doesn’t sound very frightening, and I’m not sure why, but I suddenly had a really awful feeling.”

She ran upstairs with her dog to try and ask the man what he wanted from a window so that she wouldn’t be standing right up against the door.

When she asked him what he wanted, he told her that he was delivering a pizza she had ordered and that she needed to answer the door and pay for it. He spoke in a hushed tone as if he didn’t want to alert her neighbors. 

Nejron Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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