She Went Behind Her Husband’s Back And Decided Not To Enroll Her Daughter In A School For Gifted Children Because The Commute Would Be Two Hours Every Day

She learned that her daughter would have to be tested in order to get into the gifted school. But, the public school was happy to provide that testing to Juliet.

While the entire idea sounded wonderful, though, she knows that the gifted school is about 30 minutes away from her daughter’s current school.

Thankfully, it does start and end 45 minutes later– which would allow her to pick up both Juliet and Michelle from school on time.

“But it would eat up at least two extra hours of my day, and I don’t have that kind of time for school drop-off and pick-up,” she explained.

On top of that, she also admitted that she just doesn’t have enough patience to deal with her 2-year-old in the car every day for two hours.

And since her husband works in the opposite direction of the gifted school, he won’t be able to drop off or pick up Juliet, either.

Now, she could ask her father-in-law to help out– since he already drives the kids for her sometimes. But she also doesn’t want to ask her father-in-law to commit to two hours of driving each day.

While she is having trouble mulling over the downsides, though, her husband is the complete opposite. He believes that she should be willing to make that commute for their daughter– and keeps insisting that she has plenty of time because she is a stay-at-home mom.

During this conversation, she did try to bring up the fact that their 2-year-old would be in the car for a long time every day.

But, her husband pointed out how they could just get her in-laws to babysit during that time.

Regardless of that, though, she still just doesn’t think it’s worth it for the two-hour commute.

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