She Went Out On A Date With A Guy Who Only Talked About Himself And Wasn’t Interested In Getting To Know Her, So She Called Him Out

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A woman from Minnesota went out on a date with a very handsome guy, but apparently, that was his only good quality from what she could see.

Erin (@erinchristine16) was so annoyed about the date that immediately after it was over, she filmed a TikTok video about it while walking to her car in the rain.

It started when she spontaneously invited the guy to meet up with her for a drink. Before that, she had been reading a book and generally just having a peaceful night.

Unfortunately, that was ruined when he arrived. He could talk about nothing but himself and didn’t even bother asking Erin any questions about her life.

“That is my biggest pet peeve in dating like I was talking to a brick wall for an hour and a half,” said Erin.

Finally, she became so fed up with him that she asked him outright if he was even going to try to get to know her.

When he told her it was a ‘two-way street,’ she proceeded to list off all the information about him that she had picked up during their date.

Then, he scooted away from her, and they sat there in silence for the rest of the date. In a follow-up video, Erin revealed some interesting but confusing text messages from him.

Apparently, ten minutes after the date, she received a phone call from him, but she did not pick up. After another thirty minutes went by, she texted him, asking if he had meant to call her.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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