She Went Out On A Date With A Guy Who Only Talked About Himself And Wasn’t Interested In Getting To Know Her, So She Called Him Out

And this was his response: “Yeah, I did mean to call. I hope you enjoyed the date, and I’m certainly enthusiastic to get to know you more.”

Erin was baffled because, in her perspective, the date hadn’t gone well at all, and he didn’t seem the slightest bit interested in getting to know her. But he supposedly saw things differently.

When she stopped replying to his messages, he tried calling her again and blew up her phone with texts. Erin ended up blocking him because she was getting creeped out.

Some TikTok users offered their opinions on his behavior, and others have even endured something just like Erin’s experience.

“I think the only thing he liked was feeling like someone was interested in HIM by being asked thoughtful questions,” suggested one user.

“I was near the end of a similar vibe of a date, and the guy said, ‘I’m so intrigued by you,’ and I said, ‘Why?’ And he couldn’t name a thing about me,” shared another.

“He thought the date went well because he got to talk about himself the whole time,” stated a third.


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