She Won’t Say “Please” Whenever Asking Her Roommate For A Favor Even Though Her Roommate Thinks It’s Rude Not To

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In August 2022, this 23-year-old woman moved into an apartment with her friend Jessica, who is also 23.

But, now that their lease will be ending soon, at the end of this summer, she is actually considering not renewing their lease for one main reason.

For context, she tends to ask her roommate Jessica for a few small favors throughout the week. The favors are nothing huge, and they definitely don’t occur every day.

Instead, they are often things like, “Can you grab my bag off the table?” or “Can you turn off the outside light?” Sometimes she will also ask Jessica to load the dishwasher or grab her a fork during meals.

Rather than just saying yes or no, though, her roommate always responds with the same statement.

“Only if you say please,” Jessica tells her.

Now, at first, she did listen to her roommate for a few months and say, “Please.” But, after a while, she decided to speak up and tell Jessica how she did not think it was necessary to say please for every request.

Instead, she thought the “please” was implied. She also pointed out how the requests she makes are never anything significant that warranted the word “please.”

However, Jessica pushed back that “please” could not just be implied. So, her roommate told her that she needed to say it every time she asked for something.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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