She Won’t Say “Please” Whenever Asking Her Roommate For A Favor Even Though Her Roommate Thinks It’s Rude Not To

She still did not agree with her roommate’s perspective, though, which pushed her to lay down a different rule.

“I finally told her that if what I was asking her to do as a favor was so out of line for me to ask that I needed to say please, and she wouldn’t do it under any other circumstances, I would literally just do it myself,” she recalled.

After all, she only ever really asked for small things that she could do by herself. So, the only reason she ever asked Jessica was if her roommate was closer or already doing something similar. Anyway, Jessica has since continued to not do anything for her unless she uses a “formal please.” And to her, it feels like Jessica just views their friendship too conditionally.

She also detailed how she never expects anyone to say “please” to her. Instead, she will do things for her friends or loved ones anyway, simply because she wants to help them out. Finally, Jessica constantly telling her to “say please” reminds her of a parent teaching their children manners. And since she is an adult, this really irks her.

“I don’t need to be taught manners. I’m a very polite person; I’m kind, and I say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in situations where it makes sense to say it,” she vented.

For instance, whenever she is speaking with coworkers, elders, or talking to kids, she tends to use “please” and “thank you.” But, when she’s just having a casual conversation with one of her friends, she really doesn’t think it’s necessary.

Regardless, since Jessica keeps insisting that it’s important, she’s now been left wondering whether refusing to say “please” every time she makes a request actually makes her a jerk.

Do you always say “please” when making a request? Do you agree it’s unnecessary when speaking casually with friends, or is she being rude? How do you suggest she reconcile this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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