She’s Furious That Her Husband Took The Cash She Had Been Saving For Her Cats To Take His Own Dog To The Vet

So, she just tried to call her husband. But he didn’t answer. It was not until later on that her husband finally called her back and explained how he was forced to rush his dog to the vet.

Apparently, the dog had been acting funny and could not hold herself up.

Thankfully, his dog was ultimately okay. But, she wound up finding out her husband had used the money she saved for her cats’ vet bills.

And the worst part is that her husband cannot pay her back until their business picks back up– because right now, their company is having a rough time.

Now, she knows that getting her cats fixed is not a massive deal since they are all females. But she really just wanted to get it over with.

So, she wound up telling her husband that she was seriously upset. She also pointed out how it was completely unacceptable to use the money without even consulting her first.

“I was in a complete panic. I thought she was dying,” her husband responded.

Still, she didn’t really think it was worth blowing $380 at the vet just to find out his dog was fine.

That’s why she told her husband that she fully expects to be paid back. Plus, she still has not forgiven him for taking her money in the first place.

Her husband just does not understand her perspective, though, and thinks she’s not being reasonable.

“What if it happened to your freaking cats? I panicked and thought she was dying. You’re heartless,” her husband told her.

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