She’s Pointing Out All Of The Super Weird Details Of A House She Came Across Listed For Sale

Sved Oliver - - illustrative purposes only

Whether you’re actively looking to purchase a property or just browsing million-dollar homes for fun, you’ve probably used the platform Zillow for your purposes.

As you may have noticed, the real estate market is a vast place, and people have different tastes in decor, so it’s not a surprise when you come across a home that’s out of the ordinary.

Usually, what people do with their homes or in their homes is no one else’s business, but one house on the real estate market has everyone freaked out.

TikToker @zillowtastrophes is pointing out all the super weird details of a house listed on Zillow. And some of those details are making TikTok users speculate about what the living situation in the home was like.

The five-bedroom, six-bathroom house is located in Ohio and is selling for $600,000. At first glance, the house seems to be a totally normal Midwestern home owned by an all-American, football-loving family.

There are framed pictures on the walls, decorative items in the dining area, and a kitchen counter lined with appliances.

But after scrolling past photos of the kitchen, things start to get creepy. First, there’s a photo of a bedroom containing nothing but a vanity, a small bed, and a floodlight stand.

Next, viewers can see a pink bedroom that looks more lived-in but still suspiciously empty. Clothes are hanging in the closet, a TV, and a small rug on the floor.

But the rest of the bedrooms are even more sparsely furnished, although each of them has one thing in common: the presence of vanity mirrors.

Sved Oliver – – illustrative purposes only

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