She’s Pointing Out All Of The Super Weird Details Of A House She Came Across Listed For Sale

The primary suite gives the impression that only a man occupies the space. The sheets on the bed depicted images of the Pittsburgh Steelers logo, so it doesn’t sound likely that any woman had a hand in picking out the bedding.

Then, what really got the goosebumps going was a room that was completely empty except for a large stained mattress.

Finally, there are photos of a basement with something that resembles an auditorium seating for watching football.

The house also has its own club, complete with flashing lights and a stage with a pole in the middle. And the icing on top of the cake was the dirty bathrooms that consisted of only a single toilet.

After an investigation was conducted on the house due to the public’s concerns, it was revealed that a man named Wayne was the owner.

The building was once a laundromat, and he had converted it into a large house for partying in. The revelation did little to soothe several TikTok users’ suspicions.

“I do real estate photography, and I would be QUAKING shooting this!!” exclaimed one user.

“I work in Zanesville. People are saying the guy who owns it throws afterparties once the bars all close. But I’m just getting the creeps,” declared another.


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