She’s Pretty Unhappy After Finding Out That Her Boyfriend Wants To Get Matching Tattoos With His Female Friend

JackF - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Everyone has different opinions on couples getting matching tattoos. Many people cringe at the idea, especially if there’s a big risk of the couple breaking up. However, some couples love the idea and see matching tattoos as a way to honor one another.

But how would you feel if your partner wanted to get matching tattoos with someone else? And what if that someone else was your roommate?

One woman is unhappy after discovering that her boyfriend wanted to get matching tattoos with his female friend. 

She and her boyfriend are both 24-years-old and have been together for six months. He’s very close with her roommate, who is also a 24-year-old woman. 

Her roommate has only known her boyfriend for about six months longer than she has, so they’re not childhood buddies, yet they’ve formed a friendship. 

Soon, her boyfriend and roommate will be taking an overnight trip to see one of their favorite bands in concert. 

She was aware of this, but what she didn’t know was that they’re planning on getting matching tattoos related to the band to commemorate the night.

Her boyfriend didn’t mention the tattoo to her at all, and she was told by her roommate unexpectedly.

The situation especially saddens her because her boyfriend has never been much of a planner and doesn’t tend to organize things for them to do together, yet he’s been organizing the tattoo session in advance for some time now. 

JackF – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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