She’s Refusing To Invite A Friend To Her Wedding Because, At The Last Ceremony They Attended, Her Friend Took All Of The Food Back And Refused To Feed The Rest Of The Guests

shchus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman has a friend named Morgan, who is 27. But in recent years, she and Morgan have actually drifted apart because of how Morgan handled an incident at their mutual friend’s wedding back in 2019.

Apparently, their mutual friend– named Lucy– had asked Morgan to make some treats and desserts for the wedding reception. And at the time, Morgan agreed.

“This was the only food that was going to be at the reception other than cocktail sandwiches,” she added.

Anyway, Morgan and Lucy came to an agreement on a price for all of the desserts. And at that point, Lucy and her partner were the only people paying for the event.

But then, seven months before the ceremony, Lucy’s parents wound up offering to pay for the remaining wedding fees– to which Lucy agreed.

So, on paper, it looked like Lucy and her partner had a bunch of extra money to pay Morgan more for the desserts she was making.

According to her, though, that just was not the case. Instead, all of that money was quickly allocated to all kinds of other fees and expenses.

Morgan still wound up finding out about the “extra money” on the day of Lucy’s wedding, though. So, Morgan actually tried to get Lucy to pay more for the desserts.

But, Lucy was forced to refuse– and not because she didn’t want to pay Morgan, but because there was literally no money left.

shchus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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