She’s Refusing To Make Her Cousin’s Wedding Dress Because Her Cousin Wants Her To Just Knock Off Another Designer

As soon as they got to talking, though, her cousin immediately showed her some pictures of wedding dresses designed by Sara Burton. Afterward, her cousin detailed how she wanted a gown that looked exactly like the photos.

Now, she did try to suggest a change to the dress’ color or neckline. But her cousin totally shut that idea down and claimed to want the exact dress design.

And at that point, she felt like she needed to put her foot down. She told her cousin that she would not create the dress simply because she loved designing clothes that actually embody and suit the person who wears them.

“Not rip off other designers so she can look fancy in a knock-off,” she explained.

Ever since her family found out about what happened, though, some of her other family members– most notably, her cousin’s parents– have been really upset with her. In fact, they won’t stop blowing up her phone and accusing her of “breaking tradition.”

She even got accused of breaking her “baby cousin’s heart,” too, because apparently, her cousin had been looking forward to her making the wedding gown for years.

So, on the one hand, she does feel a bit bad about saying no. On the flip side, though, she believes that her cousin took all of the fun and bonding opportunities out of the wedding dress design process. Nonetheless, she is still not sure whether refusing to design her cousin’s wedding dress after already designing everyone else’s makes her a jerk or not.

Can you understand why she enjoys the whole bonding process surrounding the dress-making tradition? Is it understandable why she’s not comfortable just replicating another designer’s dress? Is she obligated to make everyone’s wedding gowns, or did she have a right to say no? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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