She’s Reminding You To Judge Other Moms Less And Try To Empathize With Them More With A Heartwarming Story From Her Time Spent As A Flight Attendant

But instead, the woman was wondering if the child’s ears were hurting and offered up a pack of gum for Sharon to give to the mother.

Then, another woman stopped Sharon. Again, Sharon thought she would put up a fuss about the crying child.

However, the passenger just wanted to offer the mother some soothing words, telling her to take deep breaths and not to worry about what the people around her were thinking.

After Sharon gave the mother some gum, the child began to calm down. Then, a third woman approached the mother and took the empty seat next to her, patting her on the back and reassuring her that she was doing great.

“So just remember, for every mean judgy person out there that’s making these horrible assumptions about your motherhood, there are at least three other people out there who are like, hey, you’re doing a great job,” concluded Sharon.

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