She’s Sharing How She Makes This Mother’s Day Breakfast Charcuterie Board

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When it comes to honoring Mom on her special day, it’s a requirement that you get a little more creative than usual. The month of April has flown by, and as Mother’s Day approaches, the pressure is on to give her the best gift possible.

TikToker Jamie (@byjamiemichelle) is sharing a Mother’s Day idea in the form of a breakfast charcuterie board.

After organizing this Mother’s Day breakfast board, you will realize that it’s going to be a big hit. Here’s how Jamie put hers together.

First things first, you will need a charcuterie board. If you’re worried that this purchase will result in a one-time use, I can reassure you that will not be the case.

You’ll be pulling out this board all the time to serve scrumptious snacks and finger foods.

It gives a luxurious feel to any environment and can even make food seem like it tastes better because of its novelty. I can bet that Mom will feel the same way!

So to get started with the breakfast board, add an assortment of berries in a small bowl and place the bowl in the bottom left corner of the board. Pour some syrup into a glass dispenser and set it in the corner opposite the berries.

Next, slice a banana and arrange it neatly in a row on the right side of the board. Place a handful of strawberries at the top left corner of the board.

Then, lay out several mini waffles all the way down across the board, starting at the top by the strawberries and ending at the opposite corner of the board.

losangela – – illustrative purposes only

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