She’s Talking About 5 Things She Did At Her Wedding That Broke Tradition And Why

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It’s safe to say that more and more couples deciding to tie the knot these days are going against some older and more dated wedding traditions. Not only that, but many couples are getting creative and inventing their own!

Isla Rose Potkins (@islarosepotkins) is a TikTok content creator who’s been sharing some amazing photos, videos, and stories from her beautiful wedding. 

She’s also taken the time to make a video about five things she and her husband did at their wedding that strayed from some of the classic traditions. 

Instead of getting married on Saturday, like many couples typically do, Isla and her husband had their wedding and reception on a Friday. 

Isla said it saved them a lot of money and gave them the entire weekend to celebrate, not to mention some extra time to recover before everyone returned to work! 

Unlike most brides, Isla opted not to do a bouquet toss. Honestly, she just really loved her flowers and didn’t want to give them away or have them ruined by throwing them up in the air. 

After the ceremony, instead of everyone making speeches while the food was served at the reception, they allotted a specific amount of time for people to make speeches before they ate.

“Everyone could relax and enjoy their meal,” says Isla.

She also says that she did this because her dad, who was due to make a speech, was very nervous!

Artwell – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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