She’s The Internet’s Big Sister For Early Career Advice, And She’s Showing You How To Attract The Right Attention When Applying To Internships

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The job market is competitive right now. With more people than ever attending college, numerous strong contenders are out there hunting for internships as a stepping stone to their careers.

TikToker Avalon (@internshipgirl) is the internet’s big sister for early career advice, and she’s helping students out there learn how to stand out on their internship applications.

First, make sure that your resume showcases the metrics of your accomplishments, not just your job descriptions. This means that you need to include numbers and statistics.

For example, if one of your work experiences was in customer service, describe how many people you assisted daily or weekly. If you were also selling products, you could add what percentage you were able to increase sales.

Next, apply to as many places as possible to maximize your chances of scoring an internship. Don’t just apply to two or three and call it good.

Companies receive thousands of applications within a short period of time, so applying to multiple internships is your best bet. The more places you apply to, the more likely it is that you’ll land a job offer.

Third, insert keywords from the job descriptions into your resume and cover letter. Hiring teams use special software to scan resumes for relevant experience.

Having keywords that match what recruiters are looking for helps grab their attention and distinguishes you from the rest of the applicants.

Number four, connect with employees and interns from the organizations you’re applying to. Networking is essential for young people just venturing into the workforce.

dusanpetkovic1 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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