He Created Something Called The Strangers Project, And He’s Collected More Than 85,000 Stories From Strangers Talking About What It’s Like To Be Them

janifest - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you ever wander around a big city, look at all the strangers on the streets and think, “I wonder what their story is?”

It’s a question similar to the one Brandon Doman asked people on the streets of New York when he founded The Strangers Project, a project that has been taking the Big Apple and the internet by storm.

“I started the Strangers Project in 2009 as a small experiment,” wrote Brandon Doman on the project’s website.

“What I thought would be a one-day exploration of the strangers we share space with every day turned into something I never could have imagined. To put it simply, my mission is to make space for stories.”

Brandon has collected over 85,000 stories from strangers on the street or online who write down anecdotes about what it’s like being them at the moment.

On blank sheets of paper, some write about their experience moving to a big city, their first love, what’s been making them sad, etc.

Others have even chosen to draw something and write very few words. 

Brandon scans the sheets of paper containing the anonymous stories and posts them to the project’s Instagram page, @strangersproj, which has over 92,000 followers. 

However, the stories can be viewed not only online, as anyone can go see the stories set up in a breathtaking visual display in its own spot at the World Trade Center Oculus in downtown Manhattan.

janifest – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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