This Abandoned Town In Connecticut Is Said To Be Cursed, And Is Even Closed To The Public

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If you live or are from Connecticut, chances are you’ve heard of Dudleytown. But, if you haven’t, now is your opportunity to learn about the freaky abandoned town.

Dudleytown has been abandoned for years, and now people cannot even access the site where it used to lie because of the constant trespassing and vandalism that occurred there. But what was Dudleytown before it was a ghost town?

Dudleytown was located in Cornwall, Connecticut. Legends say it received its name because many members of the Dudley family lived there. The Dudleys and other settlers began arriving there in the mid-18th century.

For a while, the community thrived. They forged iron, farmed, and built homes. However, the community’s prosperity did not last long. There was a sudden downfall.

Many attribute the community’s failures to the iron industry in the area declining, the farmland depleting, etc.

But there is also a legend that the Dudley family was cursed, which wreaked havoc on the town. Many members of the Dudley family met tragic or strange demises, and some even say they took an interest in mythical books that were responsible for cursing them.

Although the community was successful for a while with its iron and farming, there were a number of inexplicable deaths that occurred.

Supposedly several of those deaths were due to suicide and even alleged demon possessions. It quickly became a damned town.

The town continued to dwindle, and its people died off and fled until around the 20th century, when it was officially abandoned and left in the forest.

rangizzz – – illustrative purposes only

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