This Certified Feline Training And Behavior Specialist Is Discussing How Often You Should Really Be Feeding Your Cat, Since You’re Probably Not Feeding Enough

On the other hand, dogs will eat until they throw up, so it’s not viable to leave food out for them. Likewise, cats will eat until they’re full, then come back later to finish the rest of their food.

You can also use automatic feeders to make sure your cat can eat even when you’re not around. Some types of automatic feeders are sealed so that wet food stays fresh.

Another option is to use a treat dispensing ball that cats have to swat around to get the treats to fall out.

Fill the ball with frozen wet food, so it takes longer to get out and stays fresh throughout the day. When you return home from work, feed your cat immediately and again right before bedtime.

Do your best to feed your cat at least five times daily, and see how much happier they can be!


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