This Couple Started A Dog Walking Business, But They Became So Popular They Ended Up Buying A Bus To Take The Dogs From Their House To The Gorgeous Mountain Trails, Where They Get To Be Off-Leash

sir_j - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

A viral TikTok video has me seriously questioning my career choices right now. A couple from Alaska recently shared the video on their dog-walking business’s TikTok page, which is melting hearts worldwide. 

Mo and Lee Thompson are a married couple based in Skagway, Alaska, and they run Mo Mountain Mutts, a dog-walking business that Mo founded a while back. Mo’s business started extremely small, with her offering to walk her friend’s dogs while she was on a lunch break. 

As Mo became increasingly popular amongst local dog owners, she began taking groups of dogs out on pack walks based on their personalities. Before she knew it, she had to bring in her husband, Lee, for help.

The number of precious pups Mo and Lee had to walk kept growing, so the couple purchased a passenger bus to take the dogs from their houses to the gorgeous mountain trails where they get to walk around off-leash. 

“Good morning Jake,” Mo says to an adorable black and white dog in her viral video as he walks onto the passenger by himself before being greeted by his fellow dog friends already sitting in their assigned seats. 

The TikTok video with over nine million likes shows each of Mo’s “clients” getting on the bus one by one, happily wagging their tails before getting in their favorite seat on the bus.

It’s like when we would get on the school bus as kids! One of the dogs, a big fluffy pup named Amaru, can be seen sitting on his front lawn, patiently waiting for the bus to arrive. 

Mo and Lee also have an eight-month-old son named Vern, who gets to go on their adventures with them and is strategically seated near some of the calmest dogs on the bus.

Once all the dogs are on the bus, they’re taken to the mountains, where most of them can wander around and play off-leash. Mo keeps the bus unlocked and nearby, so if the dogs need to run back in and warm up, they can!

sir_j – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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