This Emergency Room Doctor Is Sharing One Of His Craziest Stories About A Patient Who Was Displaying Strange Behavior When She Came In

As Dr. Joe was analyzing the images during the CAT scan, he saw no sign of a brain tumor or internal bleeding.

“So all we have is this healthy woman in her late twenties that’s very confused and now pregnant,” said the doctor.

“I’m thinking of all the different possibilities. What could this be? But nothing’s really coming up as a clear source of why she’s confused,” he continued.

Then, her lab work results came back, and it turned out her sodium levels were sky-high. According to Dr. Joe, when a person’s sodium levels get too low or too high, they can develop neurological symptoms.

At that point, they hadn’t yet figured out what caused her sodium levels to shoot through the roof. Meanwhile, Dr. Joe started the woman on the proper treatment and ultimately admitted her to the ICU. She was still confused, but her condition was stable.

After doing more investigating, Dr. Joe finally found out why her sodium levels were so high. Even though she didn’t know she was pregnant, she had developed a side effect of pregnancy that many women experience.

And that side effect happened to be abnormal food cravings. Prior to her visit to the ER, she had been craving soy sauce! She actually drank one to two cups of it at a time.

In the end, Dr. Joe revealed that the mom and baby both survived without harm!


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