This Recipe For Cheesy Roasted Garlic Asparagus Is A Perfect Easter Side Dish For Anyone Following The Keto Diet

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Easter and asparagus just fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. Therefore, asparagus side dishes are a necessary component of a spring meal.

Their gorgeous green stalks indicate the first signs of spring and better days to come. So when they make an appearance at the table, most people are actually pleased to see them.

Yes, it is possible to be happy at the sight of a vegetable.

They also perfectly complement whatever you might serve as a main course, whether it’s your classic honey glazed Easter ham, savory pork chops, or baked salmon.

TikTok creator Alissa Altenburg (@ketomamaalissa) has a recipe for a trusty keto-friendly side dish involving asparagus.

It’s simple–cheesy roasted garlic asparagus. But the melty cheese, fragrant garlic, and hint of pepper will have your guests smacking their lips.

Plus, cheese just has a knack for making everything tastier. So you might even be able to convert an avid asparagus hater into loving them!

First, wash and trim the ends of your asparagus. When you’re preparing a whole bunch of asparagus, sometimes it’s easier to slice the end off one stalk first and use it as a measuring tool,

Then, line up the rest and cut them to match the initial stalk. This way, you’ll ensure that all the stalks are the same length, making your dish look more refined and restaurant-quality.

alberto – – illustrative purposes only

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