15 Minutes Before She Was Supposed To Go On A Date With A Guy, He Texted Her To Cancel Because His Friend Asked Him To Go To The Gym

milanmarkovic78 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old girl ended up matching with a guy on a dating app, and as soon as they connected, they instantly began speaking to each other.

Not long into their conversation, this guy asked if he could get her phone number. She said yes, and from there, they moved things over to text messages.

They spoke over text for 3 days, and then this guy asked if he could take her out on a date that upcoming weekend.

She agreed to the date, and then this guy came up with where they should go on their date, along with what time they should meet up.

She again said yes to all of the plans that he had made, and from there, they kept the conversation going.

“15 minutes before I am supposed to leave for the date, which he confirmed in the morning (mind you, I’ve spent about an hour getting ready), he says he can’t make it because his friend asked him to go to the gym,” she explained.

“What I don’t understand about his response is that it is the lamest excuse I have ever come across. Like he can go to the gym with his friend any time?”

“He could have at least made up a bigger lie and said there was a family emergency, he had a meeting (even though it was a Saturday), that his friend from overseas surprised him and was only going to be down for one day haha anything and just acted more apologetic even if he wasn’t.”

What she finds confusing is that this guy definitely knows what she looks like, as she shared her social media account with him, so she can’t imagine he canceled for fear of not knowing how she looks.

milanmarkovic78 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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