7 Parts Of A Wedding Your Guests Definitely Don’t Enjoy, And What You Can Do Differently To Help Them Have A Good Time

Organized dances may seem like a necessity at weddings. Almost every wedding that’s ever occurred has never failed to hold group dances. But just because group dances are common doesn’t mean they’re a good idea to include. Many guests do not enjoy group dances because they can be awkward.

Guests just want a chance to bust their own moves on the dance floor. So think twice before adding songs like The Electric Slide and The Cupid Shuffle to your playlist. Instead, consult your DJ for tunes that will get the crowd going.

Sitting In A Spot With A Bad View

If your guests can’t even see the ceremony, what was the point of them attending in the first place? So make sure each seat isn’t blocked by a massive floral arrangement or any structures that might prevent them from feeling like a part of the action.

Uncomfortable Weather Conditions

Unfortunately, no one can control the weather. But what you can control is the comfort of your guests. Always have a backup plan for moving your wedding indoors if need be, and prepare for any possible climate conditions.

For example, if you’re having an outdoor summer ceremony, provide fans and easy access to water so your guests can keep cool.

Bad Timing

Before setting a date for your wedding, make sure it won’t fall around the time of a major event like the Super Bowl. Even if you may not find it to be a big deal, some of your attendees might.

Limited Food

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t cheap out on at your wedding, it’s the food. Salads and fruit platters are simply not enough to fill your guests’ bellies.

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