A Guy Asked Her Out On A Movie Date, But Then He Claimed He Couldn’t Find Her, And She Started To Get Some Sketchy Vibes

He told her he was running late, which Laura wasn’t impressed by. Twelve minutes after the movie had started, he arrived at the theater.

However, he wanted Laura to meet him outside, his reasoning being so he would know where to find her. Laura raised an eyebrow at that and replied that she was the only one in the lobby, so it wouldn’t be very difficult to locate her.

After that, he didn’t text back for a while, continuing to leave her waiting. Finally, he said he couldn’t find her and asked Laura to send her location.

She refused his request and kept sitting in the lobby. She was beginning to grow anxious, so she told him she would just head home since they were missing the movie anyway.

He tried to suggest going to dinner or watching a movie at his place, but obviously, Laura was not a fan of either option.

Instead, she bought a bucket of popcorn and asked the teenage employee behind the counter to walk her to her car because she was afraid this whole situation was a kidnapping scheme in disguise.

While driving home, he tried calling her multiple times; Laura declined each call. He texted her, begging for another chance.

He even sent her a picture from his car, facing the theater she was just at. The next morning, he tried to invite Laura out on another date, resulting in her blocking his number.


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