After Her Teen Son Called Her Lazy For Not Cooking Dinner Like His Friend’s Mom, She Turned Around And Compared Her Son To His Friend

Of course, she does prepare dinner– but it is usually something much less intricate, like chicken or pasta. She has also started buying meal prep boxes recently since they are very easy to prepare.

So, whenever her son had any friends over in the past, she would normally just order a few pizzas or put some frozen appetizers in the oven. And apparently, Leo never seemed to care about that.

Ever since becoming friends with Sam, though, there have been a few instances where Leo asked her to specifically cook something for him and his friends.

And sometimes, she would. But, if she said no, she would sometimes hear her son say, “Linda would.”

Now, she immediately tried to shut that down. However, it appears her efforts did not fully work.

The drama unfolded this past Saturday when Leo planned to have some friends over again. So, he asked her if she would bake them cookies.

At that point, she pointed out how they still had a few packages of Oreo cookies in the cabinet. However, Leo was not satisfied with that– and claimed his friends wanted chocolate chip cookies.

But since they live around the corner from a bodega, she told her son that he could grab a package of chocolate chip cookies. Or, she told him that he could just bake some himself.

Once the cookie conversation started to come to a close, though, her son kept going– asking what she was making for dinner.

She ultimately revealed how her plan was just to order some pizza. However, Leo was not happy with that, either, and asked her why she could not just cook something.

She had a really long week at work, though, and was exhausted. So, she told her son that, but he was not very understanding.

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