Growing Up, There Was A Wealthy, Middle-Aged Man Who Was Friends With Many Families In Her Area, But There Was Something Strange About His Behavior

Volodymyr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s great when the friends that your parents have over when you’re a child become like family to you. But one woman recently shared a story about an adult man who got a little too comfortable around his friend’s children when she was a kid and what her interactions with him were like. 

In her town, there was a wealthy, middle-aged man who was friends with many families in the area. However, there was something very strange about his behavior. 

“It was a repeated pattern that he would get close with kids’ parents, then get close with the kids, hyper-focus on them, have a falling out with the parents, and then move on to the next family,” she explains.

She met this man when she was around 7-years-old. To her knowledge, this man had never done anything dangerous to his friend’s children, but it was still a weird situation. 

“I think he was just an emotionally immature man-child who could relate better to children,” she says. “Still creepy, though.”

Her family went through what a lot of his former friends did. As a result, she got close to him, as well as her sister and other friends in the neighborhood.

This man was dating a woman with children, and sometimes as a little girl, she would go over for sleepovers with him and his stepkids. But sometimes, she would just go alone, with no other kids present. 

“Why a grown man would want to hang out with a 7-year-old girl is also beyond me,” she recalls. “Eventually, this man’s erratic behavior drove my parents and me away.”

The final straw for her parents was when this man got upset with them for wanting to have Christmas only as a family instead of spending it with him. 

Volodymyr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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