He Admits That He’s A Habitual Cheater, And He Was Ready To Propose To His Girlfriend, But She Just Left Him For Messing Up Again

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This 26-year-old guy believes that he has finally hit rock bottom.

For years, he has been in and out of various relationships that lasted years each. However, he always ruined them by cheating.

He now realizes that he has done so many horrible things in the past. And quite frankly, he is sick and tired of both sabotaging himself and hurting people he cares about.

So, he started going to therapy about five months ago. He also began dating a new girl and really believed there would be no chance of him betraying her again. After all, his partner had already forgiven his first act of infidelity in their relationship.

But lo and behold, he recently messed it up again. And since he cheated and betrayed his girlfriend’s trust for a second time, she decided to leave him for good.

“And honestly, I can’t blame her, and it’s probably in her best interest,” he admitted.

“I have confessed it all both times. I tell myself that I’m a broken man but not a monster.”

Regardless, he is still done with the catastrophizing cycle. He feels like whenever things are going great in his life, some alternate part of himself takes over and just bulldozes everything.

In fact, during his last act of infidelity, he was actually planning to propose to his ex-girlfriend. But, with his cheating, he knows he likely ruined any chance of tying the knot with her.

Glass Hat – – illustrative purposes only

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