He Admits That He’s A Habitual Cheater, And He Was Ready To Propose To His Girlfriend, But She Just Left Him For Messing Up Again

While he can acknowledge that reality, though, he feels like he just cannot live this way anymore.

He did speak to his brother about his situation, who suggested that he start seeing a psychiatrist and begin taking medication in addition to his therapy.

However, he is just afraid to go on any pills– which is why he recently turned to people on the internet for some advice.

He self-identified as a “habitual cheater” and asked other past habitual cheaters what their wake-up call was and how they healed this horrible habit.

“If you could offer any guidance on what my next steps should be, I would truly appreciate what you have to say,” he said.

He was provided with a breadth of advice. But for starters, many people did agree with his brother’s suggestion.

“First thing to do is, if your girlfriend has left you, leave her alone! The trauma caused by cheating is immense. Respect her by letting her leave,” began Justasliceofhope.

“And if you honestly want to change for the best, so you no longer abuse a significant other through infidelity, then listen to your brother. He would know you better than anyone. Seek out a psychiatrist along with your therapist.”

Aside from mental health intervention, he was also provided with a different piece of advice: to work on his self-discipline.

“You have to work on your discipline. Plan and simple. People think that people who don’t cheat just don’t get the chance. That’s simply not true. Cheating is easy. In fact, if you look at the statistics– the statistics being that most unmarried relationships experience infidelity– it is far harder to remain faithful than it is to cheat,” explained Independent_shame504.

“The simple fact is that cheaters lack discipline. They can’t take themselves out of situations that increase the odds of infidelity, and they can’t resist their desires. They have little control over the way they react to situations,” they continued.

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