He Ate A Prepped Meal In His Car Before Going To Dinner With His Girlfriend For Their Anniversary, And She Was Furious When She Found Out

silverkblack - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Over the last few years, this man has been on a “life-changing” diet and exercise journey. And due to his extreme dedication, he has managed to lose almost 80 pounds.

This journey began after he received a warning from his doctors. Apparently, his lifestyle and bad eating habits had caused him to have poor cardiovascular health.

“And with 30 right around the corner, I couldn’t keep being the man I was before,” he said.

So, his discussion with his doctors was apparently a huge wake-up call. Afterward, he immediately thrust himself into exercise– working out very hard at the gym.

But, in the beginning, he was not eating properly while lifting heavy weights. That caused his central nervous system to get fried, and he passed out at the gym while doing deadlifts.

That incident honestly terrified him, too, which is why he has taken his nutrition extremely seriously ever since.

He now preps all of his meals ahead of time– calculating them to ensure they meet his nutritional needs while keeping him in a caloric deficit to help him lose weight.

He has also avoided going out to eat at all costs because he believes dining out will push him to slide back into his old habits.

“For me, restaurants are like relapsing on a drug. One bite of a cheesesteak eggroll, and I’m buying Oreos on the way home and falling off the wagon,” he explained.

silverkblack – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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