He Ate A Prepped Meal In His Car Before Going To Dinner With His Girlfriend For Their Anniversary, And She Was Furious When She Found Out

Throughout this journey, his girlfriend has also been very supportive. Although, she has not joined him in trying to get healthy.

Apparently, his girlfriend still cooks the same as she did before– making foods that are reportedly high calorie and “covered” in sugars and fats.

So, while he appreciates that she cooks, he never really eats the meals she prepares.

“It’s been a bit of a strain on our relationship,” he revealed, “but we’ve managed.”

Just last month, however, it was his and his girlfriend’s anniversary. So, she wanted to eat out at a fancy restaurant– which he normally would not do.

But being that it was their anniversary, and he wanted to make the evening special, he wound up agreeing to go out to dinner.

Still, he did not want to break his diet, which was why he decided to make a prepped meal– leaving enough calories left over to have some drinks with dinner. Then, he brought the prepped meal in the car to eat before he actually went into the restaurant.

His girlfriend eventually learned what he was doing, though, and became seriously upset. Then, she accused him of being a total jerk for not ditching his diet for one evening to celebrate their anniversary.

On top of that, his girlfriend claimed he was selfish, inconsiderate of her feelings, and believed he cared a lot more about his food intake than their special day.

That’s why he’s been feeling conflicted ever since their anniversary. On the one hand, he does understand where his girlfriend was coming from, and he never meant to make her upset.

“But on the other hand, I’ve worked really hard to improve my health, and I am scared of falling back into old habits,” he vented.

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