He Didn’t Ask His Fiancée’s Stepdad For His Blessing Before Proposing, And Now Her Entire Family Is Upset

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Do you think that if a man proposes to a woman, he should still ask her father for his blessing first? It’s an age-old tradition, and many people don’t consider it important anymore.

However, some fathers out there still prefer for their daughter’s future spouse to consult them before popping the question.

One man is dealing with a lot of grief from his fiancée’s family after he didn’t ask her stepdad for his blessing before proposing because she doesn’t have a relationship with him.

He’s 25 and has been dating his girlfriend, Serenity since they were in high school.

Serenity has a complicated history with her family. Sadly, her dad passed away when she was six, and her little sister was two. Within a year of his passing, her mom got married to her stepdad, John. 

Unfortunately, Serenity always had a problem connecting with John. Her little sister took to him right away and even got legally adopted by him, but she never did because she always resented him.

John started quickly expecting to be referred to as Serenity’s only dad. He took down all the photos of her dad in the house and, with her mom’s help, would sit Serenity down and tell her he was the only man responsible for raising her. 

Everyone in Serenity’s life outside of her family knew how bad her relationship with John was, and as she grew up, she began separating herself from her family. 

Serenity was especially vulnerable with him and told him everything he needed to know about her family history.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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