He Got Stuck Paying A $700 Dinner Bill For His Girlfriend And 6 Of Her Friends, And He Feels Like He Was Taken Advantage Of

Since he was obviously the only guy at his table, however, he wound up getting stuck paying the entire $700 bill!

He claimed that the servers just walked the bill up to him and practically shoved it in his face. Despite his girlfriend being right next to him, she didn’t even say anything, either.

Instead, she just watched him pay the tab. Then, all of her friends thanked him, and the dinner ended.

As soon as he paid, however, he really felt taken advantage of. He knows that if he had personally invited people out to dinner, then he would have happily paid the bill.

Yet, he didn’t bring up his disappointment about what happened until days later– because apparently, he felt weird since he had only been dating his girlfriend for a few weeks.

Regardless, after he came clean about his feelings, his girlfriend just told him that it wasn’t great before pointing out how that’s “just how these types of banquet dinners work.”

Plus, his girlfriend tried to reason that, in the future, if she went to another dinner without him, then someone else’s boyfriend would pay her tab.

Quite frankly, though, he doesn’t believe that “paying it forward” is a reasonable excuse for having to pay $700 for strangers at a birthday dinner.

“Honestly, I feel like it’s a scam she and her friends have so girls never have to pay for these birthday dinners, trying to get nice guys to pay,” he revealed.

Thankfully, he claimed he is fortunate enough that the $700 dinner did not put a significant dent in his finances. But regardless of that, he works hard for his money and feels like he had no other option.

“I would look cheap and embarrass my girlfriend if I didn’t pay for them– which even my girlfriend admitted she would have felt had I not paid,” he vented.

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