He Missed His Daughter’s Graduation To Be With His Sick Stepdaughter Years Ago, So He Promised To Miss His Stepdaughter’s Graduation To Make It Fair

So, Kay stayed true to her word and never reached out to him on her graduation day. Plus, after he arrived home with Doreen and Amy, he found all of his daughter’s belongings had been moved out of their home.

Kay had also left behind a note detailing how they were not family anymore and telling him never to reach out to her again.

Still, he claimed that he and his daughter were able to reconcile the situation. Well, under one condition.

Apparently, he promised that he would give Kay anything in the world to make her forgive him. So, Kay wound up agreeing to forgive him as long as he refused to go to Amy’s gradation– since Kay thought that was the only way to balance the scales.

“And I agreed at the time, thinking she was just joking or angry and would soon forget,” he said.

That was four years ago, though. So, now that Amy is currently a senior, the invitations for her high school graduation have finally gone out. And even though there has been a lot of hostility in his family, he claimed his stepdaughter still wanted to ensure that Kay received an invite.

After Kay received the invitation, though, she ultimately called Amy and revealed she would not be able to attend. His daughter’s reasoning was that he and Kay would be spending the entire day together due to their agreement.

Once his daughter told Amy that, the teen immediately burst into tears and began questioning why he would miss her graduation day.

So, he started reassuring her that he would be there. He also told Amy that he would speak to Kay about the whole situation.

He wound up talking to Kay later that same day and tried to explain how he just could not voluntarily miss his stepdaughter’s graduation. If you could not have guessed, though, Kay was furious.

“Kay launched into a tirade about how I was a liar and a jerk and how I could ever do this to her again. I told her that we would talk when she calmed down, and she said we would never talk again,” he revealed.

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