He Recently Upset His Family After Comparing His Troubled Sister To A Stray Animal In Front Of His Kids

“My wife and I were stuck with the dilemma of how to explain to our kids that Janet was trying to take advantage of us,” he said.

“It would have been easier if they were older, and we would’ve told them the truth, but we had to give them a child-friendlier explanation.”

He decided to compare their situation with Janet to stray animals. He reminded his kids how they’ve learned not to feed stray animals. It’s not that they don’t like the animals; they only avoid feeding them because if they do it once, the animal will follow them around, and they’ll have to take care of it forever.

“It’s the same with Aunt Janet,” he told his kids. “If we give Aunt Janet money and help her, she will do the same as the stray animals.”

He also told his kids that he and their mom must save their money instead of giving it to Aunt Janet so they can afford to care for them.

Thankfully, his kids understood his explanation, and he thought that would be the last time he’d have to deal with Janet’s drama. But not long after he talked to his kids, the last time they saw their aunt, Janet, they told her their mommy said they couldn’t give her money because she’s like a doggie on the street. Yikes. Janet was distraught and told their family what happened. Now, everyone is mad at him.

How can he make things right with his family without becoming responsible for Janet?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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