He Works At A Rural Gas Station, And He Had A Terrifying Experience In The Basement That Made Him Too Scared To Return To Work

When he was halfway down the basement stairs, he heard something fall on the other side of the room, followed by footsteps. Creeped out, he ran back up the stairs and shut the door.

He knew a security camera was down there, so he logged onto the computer to check the camera’s live feed. That’s when he saw something insanely creepy.

“There was this guy just standing there smiling up into the camera,” he remembered.

“He had a look of absolute insanity in his eyes.”

Surprisingly, the man was well-dressed and clean-shaven, unlike some of the trespassers he’s encountered. If that man had walked into the store as a customer, he wouldn’t have batted an eye at his presence. 

The man’s look on his face shook him to his core, and he immediately called the store owner to tell him what was happening. He was instructed to lock the door and keep the man downstairs until he arrived.

He watched on the camera as the man stared into the lens for a few minutes more before walking out of view. 

When the owner did arrive, he was in full defense mode with a weapon and went to the basement as soon as he got there. 

“I went with him just because I felt safe with there being another person,” he recalled.

“We found nothing. My boss ultimately chalked this up to me being tired and hallucinating the man, but I know what I saw.”

After this experience, he’s been dreading clocking back into work.

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