Her Boyfriend’s Female Friend Has Been Completely Flirting With Him, And She Doesn’t Know How To Handle This Girl

Drazen-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Things tend to get a little tense when your partner has a very close friend of the opposite gender. 

One woman strongly dislikes her boyfriend’s friend after she’s been making flirtatious advances towards him. Now, she doesn’t know how to approach the situation.

Jessica is 27 years old and has a 28-year-old boyfriend. Her boyfriend is very close to a girl named Ally. He’s known Ally for five years and texts her every day. Jessica didn’t mind that her boyfriend had a girl best friend, but when she finally met Ally, she wasn’t treated with kindness. 

Whenever she’s hung out with her boyfriend and Ally together, Ally only ever paid attention to her boyfriend. 

“Her favorite topics include reminiscing their shared memories and also planning on future trips without me,” Jessica explained.

“She constantly brings up these topics even though my boyfriend is not encouraging it.”

Recently, she’s noticed that Ally has started flirting with her boyfriend right in front of her. The sad thing is that Ally is supposedly in a “happy” relationship of her own. 

One night, Jessica and her boyfriend went on a double date with Ally and her boyfriend. For almost the entire time, Ally spoke to Jessica’s boyfriend. Ally’s boyfriend sat quietly at the table and was clearly excluded from their conversation. 

Another strange thing Ally has done is ask for Jessica’s boyfriend’s clothes whenever she visits their home. Additionally, Ally always decides to make plans for vacations and special trips without Jessica while she’s with them.

Drazen-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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