Her Cousin’s Fiancé Happened To Be Her Fling For Several Years Back In Summer Camp, But She Never Thought To Let Her Cousin Know About That

And she never told Kenny that he was dating her cousin, but she also never told her cousin that she had a whole summer camp fling with him either.

“So I’ve known about them for about a year, but I didn’t want to interrupt her being happy, and the opportunity to tell her never came up,” she said.

“Whole family “met” Kenny over Mother’s Day. I knew he was coming, so I tried very hard to stay low-key.”

“My mom is so obnoxious that when Kenny arrived, she basically screamed, “You look just like that little boy that Vivi had plastered all over the wall!! Is your name Kenny?” He said yes, and he clearly wanted to crawl into a hole, as did I.”

She and Kenny then said hello to one another and exchanged pleasantries, but it was exceptionally uncomfortable for the both of them.

The rest of Mother’s Day went alright, and she did her very best to stay as far away from Kenny as she could.

The following morning at approximately 9 a.m., her cousin phoned her up to say that she was hungover yet drunk. Her cousin then said she was livid with her for not ever saying a word about Kenny.

“I guess he spilled the beans and told her how serious we were,” she continued. “She feels very betrayed by me that I “allowed her to get so invested” in a guy with whom I had a pregnancy scare (for some reason, this really stuck under her skin).”

“I tried to explain, but she is having none of it. I tried to call Kenny to see what I can do, and it appears he blocked me.”

“I feel awful that she’s hurt. I made a choice about what to reveal to her, but I guess I made the wrong one.”

She admits that she never decided to tell her cousin because she honestly still has very strong feelings for Kenny, and she didn’t want to get in the way of her cousin being happy.

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