Her Dad’s Wife Decided To Tag Along On A Recent Visit But Kept Trying To Change All Of Their Plans, So She Told His Wife That “Plus Ones Don’t Get Accommodations”

lashkhidzetim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old woman and her husband just welcomed their first daughter into the world about 7 months ago.

And since she no longer lives in the same country as her parents– who are divorced– they decided to visit separately in order to meet her baby.

Her dad wound up traveling there once her daughter turned one-month-old. But unfortunately, he was unable to make it back for a second visit over the last six months.

That’s why her dad recently planned another trip for later this month. He also asked if his wife, Anna, could come along, and she agreed that would be fine.

Throughout the entire past week, though, she claimed that Anna kept asking for a bunch of changes to their plans.

Apparently, Anna wanted to visit different places, eat at different restaurants, and even tried to change the dates of the visit to make the trip more convenient for her.

And she honestly started to get a little fed up. After all, she had told her dad on numerous occasions that she specifically made plans with him, herself, and her daughter in mind.

“So I didn’t really appreciate Anna thinking she could mix and match what she wanted to do,” she said.

She did express these concerns to her dad, too, and he claimed to understand. Yet, he still proceeded to text her about all of Anna’s requests– which she wound up saying no to.

lashkhidzetim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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