Her Date Asked Her To Attend A House Party, And Shortly After Arriving, This Guy Punched Another Guy She Was Talking To

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You’ve all heard of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One is charming, funny, sociable, and friendly. And the other is just plain evil, but they are both aspects of the same man.

TikToker Allie Cabal (@allie.cabal) is spilling the details about a scary experience at a house party where her date pulled a Jekyll-and-Hyde. In the beginning, her date projected a wholesome image.

But then, he did a complete 180, punching another guy in the face and behaving hostilely toward her for engaging with the guy.

So a few months ago, Allie met a guy, and their relationship started as more of a professional connection.

He invited her out to network over dinner, and she accepted. Dinner was pleasant and the guy seemed like a decent person who was fun to be around.

So later, when he asked her to accompany him to a private stand-up comedy show, she excitedly agreed. They ended up having a marvelous time at the show.

But afterward, he suggested they go to a house party his friends were hosting. While they were there, Allie decided to get some water from the kitchen.

As she was filling up her cup at the sink, she struck up a casual conversation with a guy sitting near her. Five minutes into the conversation, the guy Allie came with barged in and started angrily threatening the other guy for talking to “his girl.”

Allie hadn’t really considered this whole outing as a date since it started out as a networking event in the first place. She tried to de-escalate the situation, but all of a sudden, he punched the other guy in the face.

9mot-, illustrative purposes only

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