Her Date Flirted With The Waitress Right In Front Of Her, And The Waitress Even Flirted Back With The Guy

“Right! He still has been hitting me up, but I’ve moved on…I went on an amazing first date last night I was treated like a queen,” she wrote.

It’s the kind of comeback story that any girl likes to hear, especially if you’ve been on a date that crashed and burned as well.

Emily further detailed what actually went on during that night, which ended up being better than anticipated, contrary to her date’s actions.

She was able to connect with another girl in the bar who she hung out with for the rest of the night. Once the date with this guy was over, she made sure not to reach out to him again, despite his efforts to keep in touch.

“I actually made friends with some girl there, so I was just talking to her,” she said. “I came home and then never spoke to him again, but then he hit me up like a few days after.”

Of course, she decided to make a power move in response to his constant nagging at her to contact him again by deciding to move on to something better than before in her dating life.

“I just never responded,” she said. “And now I’m dating someone new, and he’s such a gentleman.”


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