Her Dream Modeling Print Worth $3,500 Was Ruined By A Framing Company, And She Isn’t Sure How To Proceed Without Causing An Employee To Lose Their Job

She paid upfront for the framing job, too, and told the company to take their time. She wanted to wait as long as it took to ensure the job was done perfectly.

And just yesterday, she received word that the modeling print was finally ready for pickup. So, as you can imagine, she was beyond ecstatic.

But, as soon as she arrived, she was greeted by an employee holding her print inside the protective portfolio– meaning it was clearly unframed. Then, she learned that the framing job had gone sideways.

“The company explained to me that they gave this job to an employee who had been working for them for less than one month. I took it to them about two weeks ago, so she [the employee] had been there for two weeks when she got the assignment,” she revealed.

“And the employee ruined the artwork. There’s a huge fold line through the entire thing.”

So, she was downright speechless after finding out. And while she was being told her options to move forward, she just asked the company to forward everything to her in an email because she needed time to think.

Apparently, her first option is to just have the messed up copy scanned, reprinted, and placed in an even nicer frame. Plus, with this option, all of her money would be refunded.

She would be completely fine with this option, too, if the print had not been the very first copy signed and delivered by the artist himself.

But her second option seems a bit better. The company revealed how they actually already reached out to the artist who agreed to have the photo reprinted– even though it is now discontinued.

Plus, the artist agreed to sign the reprinted copy and make it like a “limited edition” print just for her– all at the framing company’s expense.

“And that’s incredible. However, the cost of that– plus shipping internationally– here in South Africa is equivalent to almost an entire year’s salary for most employees,” she explained.

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